Tuesday, December 29, 2009

♥ Introducing - Heritage Key VX

we've featured "HERITAGE KEY VX" in our Nov 27th show.
it got uploaded at last.... so please check it out.
the PickUp corner's run-time is 12:47-16:10.

Rezzable's Ms. Vint Falken was kind enough to provide us with fabulous videos and other info.

everyone has a dream of visiting Ancient World sites and Heritage Key makes it possible!
please take a look at those pictures below:

if you are familiar with SL viewer, it's gonna be super easy to control your avatar even in ancient Egypt... :)
let's use this teleporter.....

the balloon will take you to the King Tutankhamun's tomb.
you feel as if you became Indiana Jones!

you go inside the tomb chamber....and look at the walls!

use camera control to zoom up the texture of those beautiful artifacts.
it's breathtaking !

they have streaming guide and detail information too

wanna meet mummy inside?

you will reach the banks of Nile at the end of this tour...
sit in the boat there and enjoy a feeling of life in ancient times...

"Travel across time and place to unlock the wonders of the Ancient World"

Heritage Key has guided tours twice a day, please check out their web site for the details.

Their next project is STONEHENGE in England.

* run-time: 12:47-16:10

Sunday, December 13, 2009

♥ * STYLE *

Japanese huge music event in SL called "STYLE" took place on the 11th and 12th.

they'd created three stages on three regions, and 42 of japanese artists had gathered.
all the artists were allowed to have 25 min of stage.

on each region, we had more than 50 audience ! naturally the places were packed....got over-populated and crashed several times during those two days!
oh my.. it was soo laggy that it was so hard to control your avatar, it took so long even to walk for 2 meters...

VWBC had live broadcast for over 7 hours, did some interviews with artists.

here are some pictures from this event.

Artists time table

Our rehearsal at backstage

Quake Stage

Forest Stage

Wave Stage

Incredibly laggy it was... and took soo long to even rez my skin!

as a whole, it was an incredible event... with those talented japanese artists... all the shows were fascinating.
but if we do that next year, we should prolly limit access of audience for less than 40 or even 30.
otherwise, some stage effects as using particles wouldn't work, not to mention sim crashes, or lags.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

♥ my favorite <3

the one and only...
LAUREN LIVE Dec 2nd show is on treet.tv

i was there with my new BAX COEN red boots !!

well... Lauren is just one of a kind....

whenever i go see her shows, she always makes me laugh and forget about a nuisance of RL or even SL.

only problem is my comprehension.
as English is not my mother tongue and i can only get approx 80 percent of her hilarious stories ...

even in my SL life, i have ups and of course downs...
SL to me is.... that i am supposed to be in-world to have fun, release my stress form RL, yes! it is supposed to be my oasis.
... but in reality... yeah, in SL reality.. i have to face some difficulties or even get hurt or feel pain...

especially at times like these, when i need some kind of a healing... she has this special power to brighten me up !

yay ! ty always for being there, making me smile and warm me up !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

♥ Having fun with FRIENDS

luckily, i happened to be able to take a day off from my work today and could spend a few hours here in SL and had shared wonderful time with my pals....... what a lucky day......
it is always nice to see those newly joined residents from all over the world....
they make me remember the days when i first came to this virtual world....
come to think of it....i had a lot that i'd been through and they are all good memories for me now...
in this world, the time goes faster than RL(that's how i feel) .... i am only 2.5 years old, but yet i feel as if i've been living in here for 5 years or so.... or even longer... that's probably because the life is more condensed in here than in RL....

Jinko's Yatai always gives us nice atmosphere and some alcohol when we are in the mood !
cheers !!

paid a visit to my favorite Tempura Island...

dancing, voice-chatting, doing tai-chi chuan, and having fun with friends have set me free from all the stresses i had.... merci beaucoup !

Trying out SYNCDANCE, the latest fabulous dance system in SL....

i was not sure where to go, what to do, or who to talk to when i first joined this world..... but now i am blessed with beautiful friends and am thankful to the person who'd convinced me first to register as a resident of the virtual world called SECOND LIFE...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Bear McCreary - Passacaglia

had been away over a month from the blog... just didn't feel like doing anything...
now, somehow, i feel like posting this video in here...
relaxing, comforting.... this music makes me feel good....
thanx Dex... for letting me know... <3

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

♥ Introducing - MANDALA

Who's keen on wearing accessories in SL ?
Then, have you checked out the jewelry store
just opened by Kikunosuke Eel, the owner of the Japan Tempura Island???
Not yet????
Okay then.... go visit the region called TEMPURA SOBA !!!

* Clione - dressed up with Pearl necklace, bangle, earrings *
Note: all the pictures posted in here are taken by Kikunosuke with his permission to get posted here on my blog.

* Belt - SAICHOO *

* Soul - Necklace, Earrings *

* Pearl - Necklace, Bangle, Earrings *

* bangles *

Please check the run-time 13:45-17:10

here's the location....


Saturday, October 3, 2009

♥ VWBC - Virtual World Broadcast - LIVE news show

live broadcast by VWBC from 9pm Friday JST
"Clione's PickUp"
i introduced MANDALA, the fabulous accessory store located in Tempura soba Region...
(the owner of SL's most beautiful island has just opened an accessory store in Tempura soba..... spent three whole months to learn about sculpt prims and he has created so many beautiful necklaces, bracelets, bangles, belts... all with breathtaking texture and fascinating design.)

getting ready for the show...
3...2...1... Q

the talk show - with In Yan sensei
...hilarious... just hilarious.....
never ending talk, talk, talk.... even after the live show !!!

Relaxed on the sofa after the live show...
my next live program will be on air on the 23rd Friday
from 9pm JST.
please check it out!
Live= every Friday from 2100 JST:

Friday, September 25, 2009

♥ Playing Drums in SL

My neighbor Monty has just rezzed some neat drum sets, so that i went to play with them !!

***** Dance Drum Delerium *****

Thursday, September 24, 2009

♥ SHE - always melts my heart

She maybe the face I can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
Maybe my treasure or the price I have to pay
She maybe the song that summer sings
Maybe the chill that autumn brings
Maybe a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day

She maybe the beauty or the beast
Maybe the phantom or the feast
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell

She maybe the mirror of my dreams
The smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem inside her shell

She who always seems so happy in her proud
Who's eyes can be so prouder than so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry
She maybe the love that cannot hold to last
May comes a need from shadows of the past
That I remember till the day I die
She maybe the reason I survive
The why and when for I'm alive

The one I care for through the rough in many years
Me I'll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I've got to be
The meaning of my life is

Charles Aznavour/Herbert Kretz

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

♥ Being in the mood for a Tiny.... and Furry

* i wanna get rid of this magic broom.... would you help me? *

Tinies get-together

Monster Dude and Monsteress

Friday, September 18, 2009

♥ Celebrating Jinko's RL Birthday

Belated Birthday Wishes to Jinko from all of us....
We had a wonderful get-together after a looong while, yeah, we hadn't seen each other for so long these days. Everybody seems so occupied both in SL and RL, and we hardly had time to have this kind of party lately.
So good that we could get together at last celebrating Jinko's RL Birthday here at Moe Moe Cafe...
It was supposed to be a costume party so that i was a Snow White with my dearest dwarf... :))

Snow White.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

♥ Lauren Live - TreetTV

hrm... it's already September... mid September.... yeah
Sooo many things had happened in RL lately and didn't have time to update the blog...*sigh*

In order to refresh myself, i went to see my favorite Lauren's Show. Yes, she always makes me laugh, and brighten up my days. :)

How lucky I am to start a wonderful day by watching her performance there at Lauren's Dive at Ivy Falls. That was also her first TV show... yay !

me sitting on the left
The sim was filled with avies.... 54 at the most !

PS: Here's the video just updated.(Sep 27 2009)

Friday, September 4, 2009

♥ Introducing - Panda Mart

I went to interview the owner of Panda Mart, Hisashi, for my latest show "Clione's PickUp Corner" in Virtual World News. (The video link is also on the side bar.)

As he is well known for his "disliking humans" LOL, I went to see him being FAE !

Panda Mart is the biggest shopping mall in SL Japanese sims.
They have about 300 shops presented by very telented creators and most of the items are sold with incredibly reasonal prices.
You can play ZYNGO there too!!!!

I've know him for more than two years and he is in fact a very attactive warm-hearted Panda :))

*Hey you shorty :) Cutie-adorable creature, I love your hat !!!*

Here is the show!! : Please check the runtime 13:50-17:55

Sunday, August 16, 2009

♥ reminiscing reminiscing !!!

what a reminiscing feeling i got visiting OI!!
i didn't even know that they still keep one of those!!

"how come i have to remember this funny name to clear whatever we have to clear in here?!" "do you want me to dance fula?!?!"

i remember that i didn't know what to do on the Orientation Island, as too much of things to learn ?! for too little knowledge of SL i had as a total noob.
"why do i have to be flying around this island every day?!"

i think i still have this outfit somewhere in my inventory...
i couldn't have imagined myself then, of spending so much lindens on my outfits, skins, hair, etc etc... never ending desire...

i used to spend hours just practicing how to fly... how to get on the vehicle...
and i didn't like driving over some mice...

my favorite Yukata (summer kimono) created by Nonko Noel