Tuesday, July 28, 2009

♥ playin' with a Battle Magic Wand - Blue


introducing my favorite Magic Wand... which is usually just an accessory for me... but once in a while it's kinda fun to play with....
YES ! i can cast a MAGIC !

FAE using a magic wand

An ancient mage traveled to the forgotten ruins of the famed Gorgans and found the very rocks to have magical power. The huge boulders were trapped and now are here in this spell.

It creates a blob of magical webeous projectile that will trap an avatar in an invisible and often unnoticed cage of web. This slows an Avatars movements... it's subtle and generally is unnerving.

It creates an icy energy shield that can stop automatic weapon fire..... and most magical projectiles.... which bounce harmlessly off with a sputter.

It will dissolve almost all shadow based spells and creates little light spirits that paint the sky with short lasting color changing vaporous dots.

It creates an icy energy globe projectile that will explode on striking an avatar. This spell does have an extensive push that is triggered on an exact hit.

The magic creates a slowly moving "physical" wall of firey energy that will explode on impact with an avatar.

It creates a floating globe of light that will dispell most shadow spells. The globe will ascend after a few moments and the shadows can come again.

It is a fireworks display of spinning particles and explosions.

It is an effective blast of air based engergy and does quiet a nice push to a target within range.

It creats a sparkling glowing egg with a 50 meter range - inside the egg is imprisoned a SHADOW SPIRIT. After the cell travels this distance the SHADOW SPIRIT will be released.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

♥ making the sculps look good from the distance

i just got an excellent tip, through Mental Mentors channel, for drawing the sculpties from distance !

thank you so much for this fabulous info !!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

♥ Lady from the Sea

i was in the mood to see another great performance in SL...

two hours of running time was rather long, but sure worth it

Monday, July 20, 2009

♥ back to FAE

i once tried Role Playing in SL... but in vain....
especially the language they use is pretty difficult for me to deal with....
*Good Den lovely Fae*
*Hiya! Lord Monty*
see???? it never seems to work.... :((
(of course, i try and catch the conversation and keep rather quiet in the RP sim, and don't act so stupid in public though !)

feeling comfy being Fae....oh well... just the costume makes me feel like a Fae ....

my favorite Battle Magic Wand... i love playing with it....
yep ! i can spell magic !!! ==Abracadabra ==

how difficult it is to Role Play.... *sigh* .... i do need a play script to read along

another thing i realized so far... there are some RP sims that are NOT new-players friendly.... well, we need to experience and learn how to take a part in it...we have to listen what kinda language they use... we have to see and learn what kind of attire we need... but some players there are rather "arrogant" and i don't care for "that" kind of "attitude" ....
you see, ME being a SL mentor... i am always nice to other residents, ain't i ????
why can't they be nice like me too ?!?! hahaha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

♥ visiting "ROMAN"

today, i was in the mood to visit ROMAN sim.
i got to know about this place as i've read the article in my previous news show on the 10th.

ROMAN has just opened on the 7th July, where you can appreciate the mixture of japanese and western culture created by awesome japanese creators.

this place represents the japanese historical period called TAISHO.
(for further information in regard to this era, pls refer to Taisho period on Wikipedia)

red brick warehouse - just like the one we have in Yokohama

you can take a tram ride... which reminds me of Galveston sim i stayed on my last summer vacation in SL

relaxing parks located here and there.... and you can see the brick buidling of Tokyo Station far behind

*church* & *shrine* - next to each other

telegraph poles and laid electric wires between them may be considered as one of the reminiscing japanese early modern days symbols...although we still have them quite a bit even now ;P

fancy building with intan dance-balls

ahhhh, i should come back in an appropriate costume.... and WITH a dance partner next time !

oops, needless to say that there are fancy stores with lots of stuff....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

♥ The Ultimate Singing Bride

yay !! i've just found this video uploaded !

say Lauren, how can you be so sweet and funny always !!!
i wish i could use voice and laugh one day during your show... but ... since english is not my mother tongue i'm afraid that i may laugh "real loud" at the wrong timing, hehe !

♪ i simply remember my favorite things..... ♪
i was actually there to see you sang this hilarious version of "my favorite things" live on stage at the bridal fair, but sooo glad that i can watch it over and over and over again with this HD video !!

well well well... now i feel like wearing a wedding dress tooooooo, but if i get a wedding dress, then i bet i would need a bridegroom standing next to me, huh ?!

or, i will simply create a guy alt...... hmmm.... sounds stupid, doesn't it ?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

♥ from my Armoire

found this dress at Black Swan yesterday.... by :bijou

the list of what i wear now

Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥ visiting "Black Swan"

visiting King Tut Virtual reminded me of Black Swan sim i once visited long time ago... so here's to explore how it was like again......

The Black Swan Theory refers to high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events beyond the realm of normal expectations.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

♥ visiting "Heritage Key VX"

another Clione, visiting *Heritage Key VX* by SL famous Rezzable's new project.... the viewer is the same as SL so that very easy to control (to my surprise, the viewer available in japanese!)
departure !!! - taking a teleporter to visit sites

whoa !!! balloon ride to Egypt !! *Tomb of King Tutankhamen*

ZZzzzz... taking a nap near the entrance to the tomb

* virtual museum *

all the exhibitions look soooooo real

Ah! Tutankhamen's Golden Mask... and Coffin.....

Cosmic Gallery - can anybody find me?? i'm at the top of the mask !

Clione as an explorer *Indiana-Clione Jones* ?!